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  • Dear Students and Families,


                I am Principal Thomas Claeys, Jr., and on behalf of the entire Lenape Valley community, welcome. Having spent the great majority of my career here, I have been very fortunate to teach many young people eager to learn and work with many dedicated and inspirational colleagues. LVR is a great place to grow. These sentiments are far from unique; ask many who have learned here and have worked here, they would say the same of their LVR experience.

                Though LVR is a relatively small high school of nearly 840 students, our curriculum meets the varied needs of our children.  We have several academic offerings and extracurricular and athletic programs that spark our students’ interests, create camaraderie and life-long friendships, and make good citizens, who on graduation day are ready to take their first steps into a competitive world.  

                Our academic program exceeds the State of New Jersey’s minimum requirements for graduation.  LVR’s Advanced Placement courses prepare our students for higher education and career goals. Offering thirteen AP courses, several LVR graduates are able to enter college in advanced standing.

                Our performing arts programs, service organizations, and clubs provide not just great outlets for creativity and investing in our community, but they also play a significant part of our students’ lives.  Whether it is applying for a job or to a college, or “signing the dotted-line” and committing to serve the nation in the armed forces, what LVR students do in their free time reveals a lot about them in ways that grades cannot. One’s accomplishments and interests outside the classroom demonstrate passion and qualities valued by others!

                As for LVR athletic programs, they are not just a means for physical fitness; they promote essential life skills, which are often more beneficial than the competitions themselves: effort, perseverance, discipline, and team work. Athletic programs also serve as a strong academic motivator for athletes; in following NJSIAA guidelines student-athletes must maintain their grades to make them eligible to compete.

                We believe that by taking advantage of these opportunities, LVR students will learn to use the resources around them and become the kind of good and honest people who are strong enough to stand up and speak for what they want and believe, and who care about themselves and their community. They will be able to achieve high on “life-tests” that they will contend with as adults when they graduate from our school.


                On behalf of everyone in the LVR community, again, welcome, and every best wish for successful year!


                Thomas Claeys, Jr.

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Our Mission



    Lenape Valley Regional High School identifies as its core mission the intellectual, social, and emotional development of all learners.  We address this purpose through our commitments to:

    the fostering of intellectual curiosity, confidence, and self-esteem of all students;

    the provision of balanced curricular and co-curricular programs;

    the reinforcement of personal effort and interpersonal respect;

    the recruitment and retention of staff of the highest quality;

    and the continuous improvement of this high school as an institution of learning.

    We strive to develop graduates who are contributing members of society, individuals who are respectful of others, independent learners capable of acquiring information and making informed and responsible decisions.






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